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My Aminals
When I was 4 years old
I named all my aminals 
Because they were mine
And I could do that.
I had a monkey named Swingy,
A duck named Swimmy,
And another monkey named 
Eats Bananas.
And on my next birthday
I got a unicorn pillow
And it was my favorite thing
In the whole world.
I always called him beautiful.
And later I named him beautiful
Simply because he was
:iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 6 3
Incompetent Limb
Once on another day, I wrote a poem
With my left hand
Because I wondered if my left could write
Just as well as my right
And I wrote a poem because that
Seemed more meaningful than my name.
And I wrote and erased repeatedly
Just to waste time
Because I really didn't care about my left hand.
After all, they don't do much
Unless your left hand is equivalent to my right,
In which case you might find your right hand
:iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 3 0
The girl always and only drew hands.
She was neither bad nor good,
And she dreamt of being an artist.
Everyone said a doctor would be better,
A teacher would be better,
An engineer would be better.
So, she sold her pencils and decided to use her feet.
:iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 14 1
Why do you cross your arms
In front of your stomach
Like you have to
Hold yourself together,
Keep everything inside?
Why do you act
Like you are broken
And misshapen
And all you can do is hold
Onto the pieces?
Why are you silent,
As if a word could shatter you
Into shards
At any moment now?
Any moment...
:iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 13 7
Without a Purpose
I dreamt I wore a heart sign on my chest
And didn't watch my feet when I walked.
In this dream, my head wasn't dying.
Then it ended, and I don't know if I woke up
For my sake or everyone else's.
:iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 18 9
Running For Comfort
One day you're going to wonder why I left,
Why I let you drive me away.
I'll finally be the person I wanted,
Because I learned everything not to be.
You'll have your own living antonym.
:iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 5 4
The Botanist
It's my words that fear rejection when I pluck them from my brain,
Like unwanted dandelions, except I depend on these weeds.
They fear being blown back into my mouth - through lips that wished them to work.
It's my fear that hates command when I tear it off like petals,
Forcing an answer similar to, "no, I do not love you."
And it hates the choice that says courageous over careful.
It's my demands that rely on ideas when I hand you a rose,
Then wonder if the thought really counted for anything.
Or are the thoughts really just borrowed - passed around like pollination?
It's my brain that holds my tongue when I throw away withered flowers,
That lived long enough to make someone smile.
So when they're dead, them stem is left alive a while longer.
:iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 5 3
His Perch by Missdelayingit His Perch :iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 19 3
The Reason for Lies
Your pointed question pokes at my chest,
Pawing for an answer that will bend your lips.
I could check my head for a lie that's sure to please you
And hope that guilt doesn't get me in the end,
Since all you really want is my agreement.
I know I'd get away, but how far could I run
Before your eyes showed up in my head again?
And how long could I live, knowing I made you smile
With a twisted truth so easily forged?
"At least I'd make you happy"... I tell myself.
Because as long as you stay unaware of this,
Nothing I say can ever hurt you.
So it's very important that you never find out,
For as soon as you question me, all these lies start to burn.
:iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 9 4
Option #2
You're my backup plan if option one fails,
My go-to number two when everything tumbles
Out of my hands and I can't get a hold on life.
You're my escape route that I talk to
When my highway is not so high anymore,
And I often wonder:
Am I also your option two?
:iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 7 2
I have OCD and suffer from cleanliness,
But only when in public.
I'm a natural slob, but you'd never know it,
Because I hide everything under my bed.
I'm self conscious of my things.
I don't want to be judged for how big my head is,
And it bothers me when you call me smart,
Perfect, too good, over-achiever, try-hard, good person.
I try, but don't succeed in perfection,
So stop bombarding me with compliments
That I have no clue how to answer,
Because I'm just as bad as you
And everyone knows you're not perfect either.
I have EHD, excessive heat disorder,
But only when it's hot or I need something to talk about.
I made that up, to sound unique, interesting,
Because people are more concerned with
What's wrong with me, than what's special
About who I am, what I do, what I love.
I have feelings, too many I think-
Emotions so out of control, I give off whiplash,
Even when I'm not cursed with PMS.
I cry when I'm happy, when I laugh
And I cry when I'm miserable...sometimes.
People say you're t
:iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 6 10
Who Carries Your Weight
My head bends over my body, and
Hair sways in front of my face
Like a clock pendulum, back and forth.
This hooded head is soaked
With the smell of damp earth;
And if I were to sneeze,
The wind would close my eyes.
My chest is folded over an empty stomach,
Creasing my middle, and
Stretching shallow skin tighter.
Fragile hands retreat into their pockets,
Nails dig into palms, balling into fists.
The pavement is pumice
To my exposed heels, a rip in my sole
From dragging along cold ground.
Moist eyes breathe in the air,
Looking alive with the scent of sunless skies
Dancing across my face.
The landscape is a sink,
Where the rusty faucet drips,
Filling dimples in the dented bowl.
I am the one who catches, carries
This falling rain, so everyone
With a lazy back can watch me
And be grateful that I'm living
Because, behind me I pull
A wagon filled with their weight.
:iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 9 1
I don't want sleep
To make me forget
What you did,
Even when you
Could almost close
Your eyes
In that instant.
I don't want to cry
Myself to sleep,
Hating you for
That was also
My fault.
I don't want to
Wake up
Tomorrow morning
And have to hope
That super glue
Can hold
My smile on.
I don't want to forget
That made me say
"I'm sorry",
Because that
Is what gives me
Something to learn from.
:iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 13 3
Ever Truly
You'd have to slit my throat and kill me,
Detaching my head from its enabled body,
To spill my thoughts and experience my dream world.
Only then could you ever truly paint
With all the pigments of my imagination to recreate
My fantasies and bind them in a book to finally read my mind.
You'd have to take a saw to my chest and cut me open,
Separating skin and bones from my soul,
To hear the broken beat and know my heart.
Only then could you ever truly see
The imperfection that is my genetic makeup
When all you've ever known is my flawlessness.
You'd have to crush my hands and smash my fingers,
Unbuttoning my joints, keeping these capable palms
From my will, never again to get a hold on my thoughts.
Only then could you ever truly feel
The empty weight of your hands hanging at your sides,
Knowing that mine no longer carry emotion.
You'd have to break my legs and unscrew my feet,
Leaving me without means of escape, so I could lay on my back
Forever, searching for lightless points on your po
:iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 10 3
Paradise in Other Words by Missdelayingit Paradise in Other Words :iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 27 8 Scenes of the Musically Inclined by Missdelayingit Scenes of the Musically Inclined :iconmissdelayingit:Missdelayingit 12 3


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Request: Wonderwall
Song: Wonderwall
By: Oasis
Requested By: blackteaplease
Genre: Bleachverse
Rating: T
Kurosaki Ichigo always loved the darkness of the calm night, and not even his mother's death changed anything about it. Something about the blue and black of the moon-reigned world fascinated him the moment the sun's rays disappeared behind the far horizon, bathing the world in a faint silver glow.
That night only acted as proof for his fascination, when that black butterfly entered through his window, casting a fragile shadow over his features for the briefest of moments, his gaze following it only to meet with the petite figure of Kuchiki Rukia, stepping calmly through his bedroom wall.
If only he had known then what the future would hold, he would probably have refrained from kicking her ass.
Not that her reaction hadn't been funny.
Today is gonna be the day
That they're gonna throw it back to you
:iconbutterflyfromhell15:ButterflyFromHell15 11 23
She's Already Left
I'm done
it hurts and I don't care
they tell me I have no depth
but they don't understand
I'm the little girl who watched the windows break
shattering bones and glass
I'm the one who watched as they took her away and I could hear screaming,
red and blue lights echoing through my eyes
The one with lonely nights spent breathing
my head waiting for my heart but nothing's clicking
I can't move forward
I can't go on when my feet are stuck to the floor
glue made of sweet blood has me reeling
it's on me
my hands are drenched in someone else's pain
She doesn't remember
all those times when I needed her
I can't hold on to something that's not there
she's not there
Not even a gasp escapes my lips at this sight
I feel like there is no surprise anymore
when all I see is slacked jawed mouth and closed eyes
I've had this nightmare too many times
It hurts
But not as much as it should
if only her hand had not played a part in erasing
where the shock once stood
turning it into expectation
just w
:iconlyingviapoetry:LyingViaPoetry 17 13
Deer by Justalilodreamer Deer :iconjustalilodreamer:Justalilodreamer 45 5 Deer Wolf by PKLdesigner Deer Wolf :iconpkldesigner:PKLdesigner 533 265


This is a very beautiful piece. The black and white effect adds a lot to the picture. I like the pose a lot...the complexity, but also ...



Sometimes my head hurts because I think too much. About someone. About someone I probably shouldn't be, someone that I can probably never have, that will never care how much I think...  Sometimes my head doesn't hurt. I don't know if this means I've stopped thinking and caring, bothering, wasting my time? I really don't know. It's these times that I wonder if I even like you anymore. When my head doesn't hurt, I try to think of you and I just can't. So I turn on music and see if the music helps. I listen to the same music you listen too and I wonder if you're listening to the same radio station too, at the same time...

I read stuff about dreams and people's thoughts on what dreams mean. They say if you think of someone or something before you fall asleep, they can appear in your dream. So naturally, I think of you. But you usually don't appear. They say if you can't sleep through the night, it's because someone is thinking of you. I sleep fine, straight through the night. This makes me feel lonely, unthought of. Then again, I like sleep and don't care to have insomnia-like habits. It's still nice to be thought of though. They say if you dream about someone, it's because they were thinking about you first. I hope this is true. I don't dream of you often, maybe twice a month, three times maybe. But that's ok. If this is all true, I'm sure you see my face when you sleep every night... Maybe.
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Poetry and art in most if not all forms, writing, school, tacos and all Mexican foods, music is my life, watching and playing in the rain, panic! at the disco, projects, being social, hanging with friends, stretching and being flexible, vintage things and antiques, volleyball, the mountains, snow, the color green, semi cold weather, fall, jeans and t shirts kinda girl, like brunettes, love quotes, six word memoirs, alternative music, fireplaces, photography, etc.

Lima beans and tomatoes, one direction, Harry styles, the beach, clutter, non-mechanical pencils, most country music, bullying, bugs of all kinds, soccer, public speaking, dry skin, sloppy handwriting, the color pink, chocolate ice cream, ugly Christmas sweaters, cursing, etc.

Skills I possess:
Drawing, playing volleyball, laughing daily, being awkward at the worst time, reading fast, good at math, over thinking, OCD and very organized, making a cream cheese bagel, smiling frequently, appreciate good art, very observant, crying randomly, easily triggered guilt, writing, face getting really red when I laugh and sometimes cry, etc.

Skills I do not possess:
Dancing, singing pleasantly, being good at biology history or geometry, assertiveness, bold and outgoing, good at judging age, public speaking, taking compliments well, athletic, etc.

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